ableJ joins W7M on loan

Author: Nohte
18/01/2020 - 02:03

W7M have added Rinaldo "ableJ" Moda Junior to their roster as part of a six-month long loan arrangement with FURIA Inagame.

ableJ joins the Brazilian organization as a replacement for Leon "ryotzz" Felipe, who found his two year tenure with W7M brought to an end at the close of 2019.

In the interim, the team utilized former player Lucas "YJ" Yuji as they looked to earn a spot at the WESG 2019 Brazil Finals through the online qualifier. There, W7M were quickly sent packing following a 1-2 loss to Lincoln "fnx" Lau's RED Canids, who went on to secure qualification for the event themselves.

W7M will look to improve upon recent results with ableJ in tow

The 21-year-old former FURIA player spent just over three months playing under the organization's academy roster, competing in the Aorus League in Brazil and more recently failing to qualify for Brasileirão Season 2 through Relegation.

ableJ is the second player to be loaned out from FURIA Inagame after Olavo "heat" Marcelo, who was signed by Sharks earlier in the month to help them compete at the aforementioned WESG 2019 Brazil Finals, which will kick off on January 31st.

ableJ will have time to get acquainted with W7M as his loan will last for six months, a much longer stint than heat's arrangement that is currently set to expire after his attendance at the upcoming offline event in Brazil.

W7M's roster is now:

BrazilFelipe "skullz" Medeiros
BrazilRafael "raafa" Lima
BrazilFillipe "pancc" Martins
BrazilAntonio "real" Oliveira
BrazilRinaldo "ableJ" Moda Junior (on loan)

BrazilPedro "peu" Lopes (coach)