CMD368 Championship announced with $20,000 prize pool

Author: Aleksei_L
18/01/2020 - 17:40

UCC has partnered with Chinese betting website CMD368 to host an online competition with $20,000 in prize money.

The CMD368 Championship will run from January 21-27 and ill feature eight teams, seven hailing from Europe plus Mongolian side AUGUST, who are trying out Bold "ncl" Batsuh and Yesuntumur "nin9" Gantulga in a bootcamp in Moscow. The tournament will also mark the debut of the new SMASH roster, more than a month after it was formally unveiled by the Belgian organisation.

The eight sides have been split into two GSL groups, with the top two teams from both groups progressing to the playoffs, which will also feature a double-elimination bracket.

The new SMASH lineup will finally play its first tournament

Below is the complete participants' list for the CMD368 Championship:

The complete schedule for the tournament can be found below:

Group stage

Tuesday, January 21
11:55 - Denmark Tricked vs. Bulgaria SKADE
14:55 - Sweden GamerLegion vs. Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX
17:55 - Europe SMASH vs. Finland HAVU

Wednesday, January 22
11:55 - Group A lower bracket final
14:55 - Ukraine Na`Vi Junior vs. Mongolia AUGUST
17:55 - Group A upper bracket final

Thursday, January 23
11:55 - Group B upper bracket final
14:55 - Group B lower bracket final

Friday, January 24
11:55 - Group B consolidation final
14:55 - Group A consolidation final


Saturday, January 25
11:55 - Match #1
14:55 - Match #2

Sunday, January 26
11:55 - Upper bracket final
14:55 - Lower bracket final

Monday, January 27
11:55 - Consolidation final
14:55 - Grand final

The tournament's $20,000 prize pool will be distributed as follows:

1. $12,000
2. $5,000
3. $2,000
4. $1,000