Giants announce new roster with former eXploit trio

Author: LucasAM
17/01/2020 - 13:29

Giants have announced their roster for 2020, which includes Ricardo "fox" Pacheco, Claudio "Cunha" Cunha, and three former eXploit players.

Early reports by Fraglíder in December of 2019 hinted fox and Cunha could be out of the Portuguese superteam formed under the umbrella of Giants, but a twist in the plot led to the Spanish organization keeping the 33-year-old AWPer and letting go of the other two players that had formed the team's core since its inception, Ricardo "rmn" Oliveira and Christopher "MUTiRiS" Fernandes.

fox will spearhead Giants' new project

Omar "arki" Chakkor migrated with rmn and MUTiRiS, as well as coach Ricardo "AIm" Almeida and analyst Arlindo Torres. Together they created sAw, a new organization that will play the upcoming Orange Unity League, a rebrand of LVP's Superliga Orange. The rift in the team's old core left Cunha's future up in the air, and although the 23-year-old had been a part of the last iteration of Giants, it was unknown if he would join fox in his new venture. It has now finally been confirmed the he will be one of the starting five in the new Giants lineup.

The three players rounding out the roster are Renato "renatoohaxx" Gonçalves, Filipe "NOPEEJ" Dias and Bruno "BLOODZ" Mourão, whose biggest achievement in 2019 was winning the Portuguese LPCS Masters 2019 with eXploit—a victory that gave them access to the OMEN Atlantic Challenge 2019 in Lisbon, where they played against DETONA and Heretics.

Unlike sAw, Giants are part of ACE, a Spanish association of esports organizations that includes the likes of Movistar Riders and x6tence, and are expected to play a new league put together by ACE teams that is yet to be announced instead of LVP's Orange Unity League.

Giants' new roster is:

PortugalRicardo "fox" Pacheco
PortugalClaudio "Cunha" Cunha
PortugalRenato "renatoohaxx" Gonçalves
PortugalFilipe "NOPEEJ" Dias
PortugalBruno "BLOODZ" Mourão

PortugalVasco "vsk" Santos (coach)