North bench JUGi to make way for MSL

Author: LucasAM
17/01/2020 - 14:51

North have removed Jakob "JUGi" Hansen from the starting five as Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen will AWP for the Danish squad.

North released a video earlier today unveiling the organization's new kit, with the final scene showing MSL wearing the team's new outfit, although no accompanying information was given. Amid speculation, the Danish organization has now announced that it is benching AWPer JUGi to make way for the new signing.

JUGi has been moved to the bench

JUGi struggled to find good form ever since stepping into the North roster and ended his tenure on the team with a 1.01 LAN rating, the same he had in his last event with North when they won DreamHack Open Sevilla late last year. The 22-year-old will remain under contract with the Danish organization, which he joined in May of 2019 when he stepped into the shoes of former IGL and AWPer Casper "cadiaN" Møller, but will not be joining the team on the server.

MSL, who was one of the founding members of North in 2017, now returns to the starting lineup. He will do so taking over the big green, which he manned at his last Big Event with the organization, DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018, where he was named MVP of the tournament.

The famed in-game leader will first be seen in action when North face off against Sprout at DreamHack Open Leipzig on January 24th, in their Group B opening match. The Danish squad will then be following their run in Germany with another DreamHack Open, in Anaheim, in late February.

"JUGi's departure from the starting roster is an unfortunate necessity to restore balance to a team that has been lacking strong and structured leadership."

- Graham "messioso" Pitt, Head of Esports Operations

North's starting five following the benching of JUGi is:

DenmarkPhilip "aizy" Aistrup
DenmarkMarkus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye
DenmarkNicklas "gade" Gade
DenmarkRené "cajunb" Borg
DenmarkMathias "MSL" Lauridsen

DenmarkTorbjørn "mithR" Nyborg (coach)

DenmarkJakob "JUGi" Hansen (benched)